Masria Khaligia for the reclamation of desert lands

It is an Egyptian joint stock company specialized and pioneering in the field of propagation and cultivation of the jojoba plant in Egypt and the Middle East and A manufacturer of many important products based on jojoba oil.

The company owns many production sites for reclamation and agricultural projects inside Egypt and outside.

The company has held several cooperation protocols with many Egyptian universities, government companies and research centers concerned with the economics of jojoba production.

The company is the main source for supplying jojoba seedlings and is responsible for the supervision and implementation of major reclamation and planting projects for the jojoba plant for the National Service Authority (Armed Forces).

The company has implemented many projects and cooperation protocols outside Egypt with various bodies such as Aramco Petroleum Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Faisal University and many others.

استراتيجية عمل الشركة لزراعة الجوجوبا واستخراج الزيت

تنتشر مزارع الشركة فى عدد كبير من المناطق فى مصر, حيث تمتلك الشركة أمهات تحمل طفرة وراثية تتميز بغزارة الإنتاج والوصف المورفولوجى

أنشأت الشركة أكبر مشتل لانتاج شتلات الجوجوبا ناتج إكثار العقل الخضرية من أمهات منتخبة عالية الإنتاجية بمزارع الشركة, تم انتخابها على أساس الإنتاجية المرتفعة وجودة صفات الزيوت الناتجة من عصر البذور

تتميز شتلات المصرية الخليجية بزيادة عدد الأفرع وارتفاع نسبة التزهير

The company's business strategy for growingjojobaand extracting the oil

Masria Khaligia Company for Desert Land Reclamation pursues an approach based on successful planning in managing the market, taking advantage of available opportunities, and opening new horizons for agricultural investment in Egypt and the Middle East, as this reflects the company's full readiness for the future at all levels. This strategy is based on two main factors:

Scientific research and development: where the company relies on distinguished scientific expertise and competencies in its various fields not only to conduct business and activities, but also to develop work mechanisms in its various activities, sectors and sites.

The concept of the comprehensive vision: where the company was interested in creating an integrated system for reclamation in the jojoba plant, starting from owning high-productivity mothers' farms, establishing the largest nursery for seedlings in Egypt and the Middle East, and the company's reclamation sites for benefit of other entities, seed squeezing plant, and ending with a number of production companies Which depends on jojoba oil, which supports the achievement of the mother company's goals and work to increase the capital through the establishment and development of a strong brand, to achieve the best possible results for the investors who have placed their trust in us.

المصرية الخليجية

شركة رائدة متخصصة فى إكثار وزراعة نبات الجوجوبا فى الشرق الأوسط وتصنيع العديد من المنتجات الهامة القائمة على زيت الجوجوبا.

  • نمتلك العديد من المواقع والمشاريع داخل مصر وخارج.
  • جارى تنفيذ بروتوكولات تعاون مع الجامعات والشركات الحكومية والمراكز البحثية المعنية باقتصاديات الجوجوبا.
  • المصدر الرئيسى لتوريد الشتلات والتنفيذ والإشراف لكبرى مشاريع زراعة الجوجوبا لجهاز الخدمة الوطنية (القوات المسلحة) وشركة ارامكو للبترول بالسعودية وجامعة الملك فيصل والعديد من الجهات الأخرى.
المزيد عن الشركة

we can help you with our expertise in


The company has distinguished experiences in the field of reclamation, as it carries out the processes of zoning, digging wells, installing solar power plants, designing and implementing developed irrigation networks, preparing the land for cultivation, and planting seedlings.

Supply of jojoba seedlings

Jojoba seedlings of the Company are from well-known, highly productive trees, which are the product of vegetative cuttings, free from fungal and insect diseases, so your production is 100% higher.

Jojoba cultivation

The company has a long history in the field of reclamation and cultivation of desert lands, as the company relies on scientific expertise in the field of jojoba cultivation and characterization of the distribution maps of accompanying plants to reach the highest amount of production.

Supervision and follow-up

The company provides, through its experts and scientific team, programs for supervision and follow-up of irrigation, fertilization, service and pruning programs, to ensure the highest productivity rate, by relying on balanced and appropriate programs for each variety, plant type, and geographic range separately, and taking into account the different growth stages of the plant.


The company has achieved the difficult equation, so there is no need to wait for the harvest from the third year, as the company has distinguished experiences through many experiences in loading some summer and winter crops on the jojoba plant to achieve a material return, some of which are only 120 days after planting.

Production contract

Because the company specializes in the field of propagation, cultivation and manufacture of jojoba, we have several companies and different paths, to produce many preparations and products that depend on jojoba oil, and we are pleased to provide you with contract farming service where the company purchases production from seeds according to their price circulating in the markets.

Why is the Masria Khaligiais your partner in success?

A company specialized in the cultivation and manufacture of the jojoba plant in the deserts of the Middle East.

Specialized in manufacturing many important products based on jojoba oil, the most important of which is cosmetic (leaprance).

We are responsible for many sites and projects inside and outside Egypt.

We implement projects for major government agencies in Egypt (the National Service, the Armed Forces) and outside Egypt for King Faisal University and Aramco Petroleum Company in Saudi Arabia.

Cooperating with institutions, research centers and Egyptian universities. We have many cooperation protocols, the most important of which are horticultural research centers, desert research centers, and agricultural colleges in Egypt.

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Production of one Jojoba for 10 years

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