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An Egyptian joint stock company specialized in the reclamation of desert lands using the latest scientific methods in implementing projects on time and with the highest quality standards at the lowest cost and according to the established designs.

In our performance, we rely on many distinguished staff of highly qualified and agricultural engineers and more full-time doctors and university professor and workers with long scientific experiences

It includes project managers, engineers of all specializations, quantity and quality controllers and other support staff involved in managing the projects implemented by the company.

We look forward to confirm Egypt's leadership in the field of jojoba propagation and cultivation and manufacturing its products in Africa and the Middle East during the next decade. Moreover, we wish that Egypt occupies the first rank in the world in this field during the next decade.

Making use of the company’s expertise and resources to offer and present successful investment programs through participation for those wishing to invest in the agricultural field.

Our vision

Mk jojoba
We do our services and work in our various locations with the highest quality standards. We do not rely on prior solutions, but we act according to the existing and required data.
We believe that each challenge must be met with a unique response and therefore each work is considered as new challeng.


Chairman of Board of Directors
Engineer/ Ismail Mohamed Ahmed


Chief Executive Officer
Engineer/ Hazem Saad Zahran



AlMasriyah Alkhalegyah

MK Jojoba, has a long history and great experience in the fields of jojoba propagation and cultivation, it is an experience house and a pioneer in applying modern and advanced technologies in the cultivation of Jojoba and the manufacture of the products Based on jojoba oil.

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Smouha - Green Towers - Building 14 Alexandria - Egypt