Jojoba seedlings: the importance of vegetative propagation by the stem cuttings

  • Jojoba seedlings resulting from stem cuttings are completely identical in their characteristics to the mother selected from them in terms of (vegetative growth - productivity - seeds - tolerance to drought and salinity - and so on).
  • Identifying the gender of jojoba seedlings, whether female or male, without waiting until the flowering stage.
  • The propagation of jojoba by the stem cuttings leads to the preservation of the genetic structure and thus the preservation of the distinctive characteristics of the vegetative breeds and distinct types.
  • Early production by a year or two compared to growing by seed.

Disadvantages of growing jojoba plants by seed

  • The inability to identify male or female plants except when they reach the flowering stage in the field which causes a problem in case of establishing a farm.
  • More than 50% of the resulting plants are male while the percentage of male plants required in the jojoba farm must not exceed 15%.
  • Seedlings resulting from seed propagation are different in their vegetative and productive characteristics unlike seedlings resulting from vegetative propagation.
  • Jojoba seed plants are late in production compared to jojoba plants resulting from vegetative propagation.

Stages of vegetative propagation of jojoba in the vegetative cuttings

  • The stage of preparing the cuttings of highly productive selected mothers.
  • The stage of preparing the rooting environment of the cuttings.
  • The stage of establishment and preparation towards the rooting of the waterwheel cuttings.
  • The stage of filling the plastic cups and transplanting the cuttings into the greenhouse of rooting.
  • The stage of adapting the seedlings under the tunnels in the greenhouses of rooting.
  • The stage of transferring seedlings from the greenhouses of rooting to the greenhouses of adaptation.
Speech by Mr. Anthony Fortier
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