Cooperation protocol with Marsa Matrouh University:

In the context of the company’s endeavor to enhance the role of scientific research in the various activities it undertakes, the company has signed an agreement of scientific cooperation with Matrouh University to enable this agreement to strengthen and develop cooperation in the fields of scientific and technical research and to support civil society since it attracts the interest of the two parties of the jojoba plant and the desire to improve and develop expertise in the field of reclamation and cultivation of this distinguished plant in Egypt.

Cooperation Protocol with the General Federation of Egyptian Farmers:

The company believes in the necessity of contributing to the achievement of the development pillars that the state seeks to achieve in the field of agricultural land reclamation and the development of the Western Desert. The company was responsible for developing the knowledge and skills of farmers and small investor of Egypt's farmers regarding Jojoba as a plant which can achieves a return that fulfills their material requirements and contributes to alleviating the high burdens of reclamation costs in the desert hinterland of Egypt by concluding a cooperation protocol with the General Union of Egyptian Farmers and providing all the technical support and expertise of the large company needed for them in this context.

With sincere greetings and appreciation to the desert soldiers, the loyal and hard-working farmers of Egypt.

Cooperation Protocol with Aswan University:

To complete the process of giving and strengthening the bonds between the company’s field work and scientific research in cooperation with research institutions and bodies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and in light of the belief of the decision-makers in these bodies in the company’s promising role in the reclamation of desert lands and cultivation of jojoba plants as well as the experiences that the company gained throughout its work in this field, the company signed a cooperation protocol with Aswan University to serve researchers, faculty members and members of civil society in the governorate in the field of land reclamation and jojoba cultivation.



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AlMasriyah Alkhalegyah

MK Jojoba, has a long history and great experience in the fields of jojoba propagation and cultivation, it is an experience house and a pioneer in applying modern and advanced technologies in the cultivation of Jojoba and the manufacture of the products Based on jojoba oil.

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