Mothers' farms

Through its scientific steps, the company was able to make a qualitative leap in transferring the cultivation of jojoba in Egypt and the Middle East since it depends on planting the plant with seedlings and not seeds which enables the company to select these seedlings from mothers with high productive qualities. For this goal, the company’s mothers' farm for seedlings jojoba was established.

After years of hard and diligent work in the various jojoba farms whether owned by the company or owned by others, spread across different geographical areas in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Through the organized work and effort of our specialized scientific team, the company is pleased to present a brief description of the most important jojoba breeds owned by the company.

The company owns a group of jojoba breeds distinguished in their strength of growth and production since we have grown and approved breed types of which have the least productive breeds that are equivalent in their production to the highest available breeds that are produced outside the company because the company followed a distinguished scientific approach and a typical research plan of the programs of selecting these breeds which have been selected on the basis of two main reasons:

  • Vegetative characteristics:

In terms of the height and width of the shrub, the number of main and subsidiary branches and vegetative growths in terms of its length, number, number of leaves, leaf shape guide (length and width), the number of internodes of vegetative growth and nodes, the length of these internodes, the number of flowers in them, the existence of flower clusters or not at one node and the number of flowers in one floral cluster.

  • Productive characteristics:

In terms of the number of fruits per bush, the size of the fruit and its shape guide (length, width, and color), ease of separating its peel at maturity or not, the weight of one fruit, the yield of one bush, the proportion of oil in the fruit, the yield of one bush of oil and also the different quality characteristics of the oil produced from the bush.

The stability of the previous characteristics was confirmed by analyzing the genetic print to determine the degree of kinship or distance between these breeds. Now, ELMASRIAH ELKHALIEGIA Company owns the first elected breeds registered in the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation under the name Katara 1250. Each selected breed owns a complete record that ultimately gives a specified clear scientific definition to this breed.

In continuation of the process of development and giving, work is still going on in the processes of development and selection as we adopt new types that have distinct production leaps that the company will soon launch in the market.


AlMasriyah Alkhalegyah

MK Jojoba, has a long history and great experience in the fields of jojoba propagation and cultivation, it is an experience house and a pioneer in applying modern and advanced technologies in the cultivation of Jojoba and the manufacture of the products Based on jojoba oil.

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